Machine Learning Operationalization Resources for Delaware, USA

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Machine Learning Operationalization Resources – 4 Positions

JD: MLOPS Tech Support person will perform following activities.

  1. Provide quick help to Data Scientists in resolving issues with Jupyter notebook, python scripts, issues with programming logic and adding appropriate python libraries to develop models for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in the enterprise customer support space.
  2. Provide required data for analysis and perform quick data sanity checks on the raw data.
  3. Provide customer service including responding to the tickets, classifying ticket issues, engaging conversations with Data Scientists.
  4. Help Data Scientist to Build, test and deploy ML applications
  5. Create and manage ML infrastructure in the Dev and UAT regions
  6. Manage data pipelines to prep data in Dev region
  7. Provide support to Data Scientists to run experiments and improve models


  1. (Required) Bachelors in computer science with focus on machine learning and natural language processing
  2. Strong in problem solving, object oriented design, data structures, algorithms and other computer science fundamentals
  3. Understanding building and deploying production level applications related to machine learning and natural language processing
  4. Strong programming skills in Python and other object oriented programming languages (Java, Scala, C++, etc.)
  5. Knowledge in machine learning and statistics (classification, regression, recommendation, clustering, boosting, graphical models, etc.)
  6. Exposure to deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Theano, CNTK, Mxnet, Keras, etc.)

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