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There are only few positions left, and after they are gone, it may be awhile before these companies decide to hire anyone again. So if you are interested, you need to sign up TODAY. Check the link below


Previous experience is NOT required, and we have full-time, part-time and contract jobs available. Most of these jobs can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the positions that are available are:

– Write Short Reviews Of Restaurants (Up To $150 per review)
– Write Simple Blog Posts (Up to $30 per Blog Post)
– Review Hollywood Movie Scripts (Up to $500 per Movie Script)
– Write Short Articles About A Variety of Topics (Up to $200 per article)
– Review Websites For Inappropriate Content (Up to $20 an hour)
– Proofread Content For Mistakes (Up to $20 an hour)


The only thing we ask if we recommend you for these jobs to these companies, is that you try your best and make an effort. We don’t want to look bad for recommending you for the job.

These companies pay either bi-weekly, or monthly, by check, paypal or direct deposit. OH, and one more thing, you can complete these jobs from anywhere in the world. click the link below


Don’t take my word, act according to your thought process and take your own decision as many people got benefited from this product.

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Get Paid to Teaching/Tutoring Online!!!!

Online Teaching/Tutoring Jobs refers to classes that are taught exclusively over the Internet. Teachers and students communicate using tools such as e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, and video conferences.

Whether its from home or in any corner of this globe,  get paid for your teaching/tutoring expertise in your niche. Register on this platform the course you would like to teach and get connected to the people who are waiting to get taught from you, in-short Interested people can easily search for all available courses making it easier for online teachers or tutors to get students.

Register here : Click Here

If you want to enjoy the good life : Making money in the comfort of your own teaching online, this is for you.

No more daily commute, wasting precious hours struck in traffic. Instead you operate from the comfort of your home and, if you have the urge to travel but have never been able to spare the time for extended vacations, then you can take your laptop and carry on getting paid to teach from a tropical beach or a mountain cabin – because, with online tutoring, the world is your oyster.

Register Now


  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your own working schedule!
  • Teach or tutor no matter where you are in the world!
  • Fast and easy payments via Paypal, Online Check or Wire Transfer (Wire transfer fee applies)

This is going to be a $100 Billion industry by 2018 and the demand for online teachers and tutors has never been greater.

The three steps

With an online tutor/teaching job, you get to do what you enjoy doing – tutoring and sharing your knowledge with students online!

Get Access here

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Storeless Funnels, Sell Any Ecommerce Product…

Do you have an ecommerce store and couldn’t find much sales happening to your products?

Are you selling on amazon, eBay, shopify, woocommerce and even on WhatsApp but couldn’t see much conversions happening? … it’s just not you, 93% of the people using ecommerce stores are not making much conversions.

Here is a new application available where you can plug-in and start attracting customers and have more successful conversions.

Storeless Application which helps you with more sales and attract more clients and customers.

Get your access : Click here

This is easy to setup and ready to go, all drag and drop page builder which helps you create stunning pages for your products, you don’t need to have any technical skills to start using it.

So no stores but use Ecommerce Funnels.

Storeless is all-in-one Ecommerce funnels builder for any of your products to get more sales and conversions.

• It’s very easy to install, runs on any device and integrates with email platforms
• Set-up your product funnel
• View, manage and fulfill orders in one place
• Add products, new variants and so many options
• Integrates with your existing stores, any payment processors like PayPal and more.
• Beautiful check out pages and you can create discounts, offers, run campaigns, promotions and much more.
• Analytical Dashboard that tracks everything happening with your sales and campaigns.

Check all the Demos, FAQs and Testimonials here.

Take a wise decision and happy selling.

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Cryptocurrency, Electronic Cash…A New Kind of Money…


Its a new kind of money with innovative network of payments. This collective network takes care of issuing Bitcoins transactions and follows a peer-peer technology with no central authority or banks. Some of the features include, fast transactions, low processing fees and worldwide payments.

For Individuals:

  • Payments Made easy using Mobile Platforms, works with display of QR code (Scan and Pay) or NFC technology (Touch of both parties phone together).
  • Transactions are secured by cryptography so strong protection against many types of fraud, but take necessary actions to “protect your wallet”
  • Its like email, you can work anytime anywhere, it never sleeps ….. all you need is the bitcoin address of the recipient.
  • Faster transactions as no waiting involved and no limitations on the minimum or maximum amount you can send.
  • Choose your fees … most of them have default fees but do check with respective Wallets and Exchanges you are associated.
  • Make sure to “Protect Your Privacy”, even though at times your identity need not be revealed during the payments.

For Businesses :

  • Choose your fees … most of them have default fees but do check with respective Wallets and Exchanges you are associated.
  • Protection Against Fraud
  • Faster transactions as no waiting involved and no limitations on the minimum or maximum amount you can send
  • No PCI Compliance required.
  • These days this usage of Bitcoins seems to be a clever practice for online business.
  • Multi-Signatures
  • Accounting Transparency , Bitcoin allows highest level of transparency.

There are lots of technical features which are being enhanced and developed and this system build amazing things and provide solutions to common problems.

Important things :

  • Take care of your wallet, rather securing your wallet is most important thing.
  • Bitcoin can unpredictably increase or decrease over short period of time, several factors are governing this, so take wise decision.
  • Always take care to do business, as funds are irreversible so take care to do business with people and organizations, to start with go with those whom you know and trust, always listen to your consciousness.
  • Identity of user is unknown but the Bitcoin transactions are publicly stored.
  • Monitor the confirmation score of every transaction using Bitcoins.
  • Seek help of technical expert and get advice before you venture out to use Bitcoins.
  • Keep in mind respective Government Tax and Regulations apply anything which has value, so Bitcoins are no exceptional.

Exchanges: There are several exchanges available globally to buy Bitcoins, they provide safety, security, privacy and control of your funds and information. Some of exchanges are listed below.

You can also find Bitcoin sellers locally in your markets and also some locations have Bitcoin ATMs.

  • Wallets: Primarily choose a wallet where you can keep your Bitcoin before selecting an exchange. Choose your wallet wisely as lots of them are available and always adopt good practices to protect your money. Some of the wallets are listed below…

Mining: Block chain is shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network lies and transaction is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in a block chain. All these transactions are broadcasted to the network and usually begin to be confirmed within an average time of 10 or more minutes through a process called mining. Its a distributed consensus systems were pending transactions are confirmed.

To start with here is a partial list :

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  • Disclaimer :This guide is provided for general informational purposes only. We are enthusiasts and the ideas presented are our opinions on the topics. Trading or mining any form of cryptocurrency is very high risk, so never invest money you can’t afford to lose – you should be prepared to sustain a total loss of all invested money. We will not be liable for any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer from using any of these. Don’t rush into anything, do your own research.

Attention: Buyers and Sellers Online.

AliExpress is a part of Alibaba Group, a giant ecommerce company where you can buy and sell any product globally under the blue sky. Its very difficult to skim and scan the whole website to find out which product is doing good, which is a best seller, what products can be sold , how those products are performing so on and so forth as there are hundreds and hundreds of products … may be more, its like information overloaded… to get to a point you might have wasted time and results you achieved might be never reliable but its very important to find out as time and money are involved … there isn’t a tool to find the answer for you till now ….

I came across such tool to help you find the best selling products in the niche of our choice and it does in no time. what this tool does for you…

  • Selling and Buying frequency of the product (sales volume, trends, buying audience, best vendors, best products to sell, keeps you ahead of competition).
  • Helps you reduce product research time, help you focus on selling and buying.

Get your access here : Click here

Some of the features of this tool just not limited to:

  • Find best selling products
  • Easily download images
  • Trending product for your niche
  • Earn Cash back
  • Flawless Filters
  • Revenue Estimators
  • Easy Product sourcing
  • Export data

there are 30+ features and still research is on to add 10 or more features…

Check testimonials, customers reviews, Data  here .

This tool can be used on Shopify, eBay and many more… supports only google chrome extension.

This tool is the best extractor of data you need and its call AliExtractor

Get your extractor now… save time and start to earn  : Click here

So start your engines and turn them to revenue earning mode. Happy selling and buying…

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Jetpack for WordPress….together they go long way !!!

Now you got a WordPress website in your basket, Jetpack comes with it ..they both literally coexist… now what is Jetpack ..its like you bought a house … how to make it look good.. what colors, what designs … how secure you need to make your house… such aspects are taken care by Jetpack…

Get your access here : Click on the image below


This a pretty cool features

  • Themes : 100+ Themes
  • Performance of the website/blog : Best site speed (images/videos)
  • Backups : Backups and Archives
  • Scanning : Security, Prevents Malware/Spam, Protection to site
  • Marketing tools : Stats, Automated/scheduled posting, SEO, Google Analytics.
  • Support : best customer support
  • Revenue Generation : Ads and Paypal
  • Enhanced wide site search : Whether you’re selling products, publishing news, or running a business, a great search experience will help your visitors find what they’re looking for in less time, and with no hassle.

So get your access here : Click on the image below


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