Are You Selling On WhatsApp ??? Read This

Are you doing business online.. e.g. selling sarees or any other product … your sharing images through WhatsApp… you send so many of them… your clients/customers wont have time to see everything ..mostly they wont see properly… you share and they delete … you are not creating interest.. secondly data i.e. images are not saved and slowly you wont make much money and loose time, efforts and customers.

why dont you create a blog/website … which can be accessed by mobile …. no experience needed all drag and drop … no coding or programming is required only basic computer knowledge is required.

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Once you upload images like date wise or material wise or cost wise … next what you will do… you need clients or customers to see them…which is you need there email id.

there are several ways to get email id … one way send a message or advertise “that you have started an online business e.g. here sarees or suits or dresses etc  in Facebook or WhatsApp or any other social media platform ” … whoever in interested will share email id … Now what is the best email marketing software available in market ….

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This is the best tool available in market and you can run campaigns as many as possible like subject line with ” Latest Cotton sarees” … put all the emails in that platform and send them… you can schedule the emails e.g. you can automate the process send email every three days or send on Sunday 10.00 am many ways… you can track your email who opened or who didn’t … you can start filtering your contacts based on purchase frequency and what kind of materials or stock they are more interested … so send them similar stock… these are just few features… you can declare new launches, discounts, bonus, free goods, buy one get one free many more to add… sky is the limit…

what you achieve here … your data is saved i.e all stock is saved , customers can stay longer on your site, they can take there time and check wherever they want.. they can refer this platform, you can add payment gateways… so more customers more revenues..

Its not just sarees any product or service or solutions … you have an idea put it on your own space.

Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal and many more have control on both buyers and sellers …it has its own advantages and disadvantages … but here …. take control of your business…take control of your life…

so dont waste time on WhatsApp … create blog/website and have a email marketing tool.

These are best in industry and very cost effective tools … dont take my word you just check with anyone and find out ….

You can get access to website/blog here :

start creating it … you would just create once and its for a lifetime.

You can get access to email marketing tool :

go to the pricing tab in the website after clicking the link above.

All the best .. Happy selling.

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